Talking is Power

Puppet Academy taps the imagination of your client, stimulating prepared or novel conversation. The professional dashboard provides a record for review and recall of shared topics.

SLP with young girl child

The Power of Creative Learning

Puppet Academy taps the imagination of your client, stimulating critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and communication.

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I like Puppet Academy because you can make your own puppet talk kinda like a kid’s TV show
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– Jordan

“I like Puppet Academy because you can make your own puppet talk kinda like a kid’s TV show”

– Jordan

Small group of young professionals looked at screen

Why Puppet Academy?

  • Work in conjunction with families to accelerate outcomes.
  • At-home practice is shared directly with you for seamless programming.
  • Professional dashboard for performance sharing, storage, reporting, feedback and colleague collaboration.
  • Student-led using your program goals and strategies.
  • Neutral characters and varied backgrounds enable unlimited creativity and imagination.
  • Children can practice individually and collaboratively as a team.
  • Online multiplayer format well suited for teletherapy.
  • For use across caseloads and locations
  • Work with families to accelerate outcomes.
  • At-home practice shared directly with you.
  • Professional dashboard to share-store-collaborate with colleagues and families.
  • Student-led using your program strategy.
  • Enables unlimited creativity and imagination.
  • Children practice individually or as a team.
  • Online multiplayer format well suited for teletherapy.
  • For use across caseloads and locations.
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FAQs For Health Professionals

Language, literacy, oral narratives, storytelling, conversation, social skills, ESL, fluency, voice, articulation, character traits, family/peer interactions, generalization, distance learning, and more!

It’s a great transition to real-world practice!

Puppet Academy was developed with speech-language pathologists, educators, psychologists, social workers, counsellors including all who work with families.
Puppet Academy is a live puppet show created by the children. It enables them to learn teaming, plan their performance creatively, dialogue, record their show and re-play it! Choosing from various puppets, and a narrator puppet if desired, children then improve critical thinking, teamwork and social skills. The child is motivated to learn the “game” by playing with the puppets to express themselves and create their story.
Absolutely. It can be used across various caseloads including communication, family dynamics, social needs be it rehabilitation, prevention or health promotion. It can be used exclusively with the health professional, as a demonstration for parents and sharing practice at home, school and clinic. At-home practice is shared directly with you for continuous improvement and monitoring. This enables you to practice specific strategies or curriculums at the client’s pace. The multiplayer version allows for virtual teams.
Puppet Academy uses novel practice at home as a transitional step to real life practice.  Home based performances can be sent to the dashboard for feedback to further shape real life practice.  Of course, the tool can be used at any stage of practice with the clinician, with a group or at home but is especially useful as a tool to facilitate generalization.
Puppet Academy is an adjunctive tool to support your goals and strategies. True enough, it uses popular game controllers to manipulate the puppets but that’s where the gaming component ends, and the child-led active performance begins. Uniquely, children create their own performances at home, in the clinic or at school. Each performance is novel, initiated and completed by the child’s team. Puppet Academy is a conduit that drives collaboration between teachers, health professionals, and parents with the child.
Yes. Our hosting provider maintains ongoing cloud-based compliance in accordance with US and Canadian regulations. See terms of reference and download our recommended template, or use your own, for further compliance and privacy regulations necessary for health professionals to assume with families for exchange of information as required by your region and professional certification guidelines.
Puppet Academy is easy to use. Watch the demo video and suggestions for use. Children enjoy controlling the puppet action while talking to create their own show!
Yes! Puppet Academy has a dashboard that allows for performance storage, re-play and sharing. All the performances are saved and can be accessed at any time.
Yes, you can provide demonstration lessons or evaluate clinical training or QA by providing feedback through the dashboard.
Yes! Puppet Academy can be adapted for both in-person and remote practice simultaneously or as a ‘homework’ exercise. Kids can practice together. Files can be shared between clinic, school and home. Feedback can be provided either directly to the family or the student depending on how the professional has set up the exchange. The cloud transmission is HIPAA compliant.
little girl looking at groupings of puppets, backgrounds and friends
Each Puppet has Unique Abilities
Puppets engage children to create their own performances!
  • Supports and motivates practice and generalization at home
  • Student initiated and developed
  • Facilitated program adoption with fun loving puppets
  • Improves Communication, Creativity, Collaboration and Creative Thinking
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