Our Mission

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference for future generations through products that support teamwork, communication skills and problem solving … engaging our kids to grow healthy, productive lifestyles.

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Our Mission

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Our goal is to make a meaningful difference for future generations through products that support teamwork, communication skills and problem solving … engaging our kids to grow healthy, productive lifestyles.

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Puppet Academy motivates kids to plan and play their own performance…children love the control! And it puts the tools that generate outcome in their hands!
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– Betsy

“Puppet Academy facilitated collaboration with parents during home schooling on skill development, and the kids loved it! ”


About Puppet Academy

Puppet Academy was developed with a child’s development in mind. In today’s world, a child is easily distracted and can have trouble communicating and processing all the cues around them. Our founders have spent years teaching children how to focus and learn in challenging environments. Puppet Academy was developed by a speech-language pathologist and an educator with over 70 years combined experience in helping children develop their cognitive, communication, critical thinking, and creative skills now and for the future.

Years of development have led to Puppet Academy… a powerful interactive digital tool that engages families, teachers and health professionals to collaborate on accelerating positive outcomes. By giving kids the tools to actively plan, create, team, perform and share their puppet shows, they develop healthy digital habits that can be transferred off-line building stronger skills for the future.

While fun and engaging for the kids, Puppet Academy shares performances across parents, teachers, and health professionals. Puppet Academy is child-led including clinical demonstration for home use by recording and playing back health professional’s strategies from a clinical session or following a teacher’s curriculum instruction. The sharing functionality promotes learning progress at home, at school and in the clinic.
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About Our Founders


Betsy Allard has had an expansive career as a leading SLP with extensive experience in neurogenic populations including ASD, TBI, LD focused on comprehensive programs for children and adults.

She has trained, taught and developed programs for SLP supervisors, educators, and graduate students, launched and led a university clinic, and collaborated with schools, hospitals, agencies, allied health professionals and families at home.

Betsy brings her depth of understanding of 21st century programming for children and youth through the creation of Puppet Academy. Betsy is a certified and life member of ASHA and certified with SAC-OAS.

Pam Streeter is an award-winning entrepreneur, educator, founder and director of Creative Kids Preschool, Creative Kids Education Centre Inc. & Birch Hills Academy. She has delivered licensed preschool, elementary school and day camp programs serving thousands of children and their families.

Her teacher-directed mentoring has been influenced by her early training in Lindamood Bell. Innovative education in literacy and numeracy has been a recognized hallmark.

Pam is a strong advocate of early childhood and early elementary education and currently sits on the Provincial Early Years Partnership. She is a long-standing member of the Centre for Women in Business.

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As a team, Betsy and Pam have spent the past decade collaborating on home/school/health practices. Their combined experience with professional and family pain points led to the founding of Puppet Academy. Betsy and Pam aim to empower children and youth in becoming future leaders. As part of that vision, their mission is to create positive, health and education-directed digital alternatives to the traditional use of children’s digital tools and screenplay.

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